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Kwethu Arts (NPO)

The dawn of new minds, new voices.

Kwethu Arts is a registered non-profit-organisation in the Republic of South Africa. Our core aims are rooted in developing and empowering the youth and the general community through the arts.

Our Vision is to be a catalyst through our work for positive and impactful social empowerment.

Our Mission is to:

o Construct spaces that hold challenging and thought provoking experiences thereby making people’s lives more meaningful.
o We strive for excellence, integrity, authentic and ground breaking artistic productions in theatre, film and other multimedia platforms.
o To create and host projects that groom the interest and talents of young people in the performing arts.
o Allow for awareness, healing, inclusion and redress of issues faced by the disenfranchised members of our communities.

Our Values 

o Service
o Excellence
o Innovation
o Entertain
o Educate

Get to Know Us

As humans we have so much to offer to the world - we have the power to change and evolve ourselves for the better, our socio-economic realities or challenges should not limit our access to the ARTS. At Kwethu Arts, we are here to give our diverse  community in South Africa the support and resources they need to develop and enrich themselves with life changes vast skills and techniques gained from experiencing the arts.


Objectives of the organisation:


Embark on projects that focus on social development and advancement in our community. Be a platform through which opportunities are realized and talents are groomed. To build a recognizable brand that is leading thought, within the African arts spectrum. Encourage the development of entrepreneurial skills, behavior and attitude amongst young creatives. Consciously collaborate with organisations or individuals that allow us to reach new audiences and communities to further grow in our work. Attain financial self-sustainability that maintain our community focused work without complete funding dependency. Be a force of excellence in all aspects of our work.

We have a number of programs and initiatives that help nurture our community and help them develop the skills our community can will carry throughout their lives.

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Our Projects

Empowering Societal Change Through The ARTS


An annual Arts Festival for Higher Education Students in Africa (South Africa).

Afrika Arts Festival is a multi-disciplinary arts festival. This one day event is a dynamic, creative and youth orientated festival that showcases and celebrates the artistic talents and creations of young artists. Young artists are auditioned to participate in the festival and only the best performances are selected to feature in the festival. Intensive preparatory workshops with the participants are conducted by professional dramatic arts facilitators over a period of ten weeks. This process ensures only the highest quality of performances in our festival.  

The project is focused on giving artists in training (regardless of their environment or economical class) the opportunity to be involved in a programme that bridges the gap between educational institutions and the arts industries providing a more engaged and interconnected community.

Art Corner Sunday

This project is a series of one-day performance programs performed once every month at the Joburg Theatre (Space.com) Johannesburg, South Africa. We curate performances from 5 min to a maximum of 15 min long in terms of duration. These performances can be of any art form such as drama, dance (physical theater), film or multidisciplinary. These can be solo or group performances of original or re-imagined versions of published works. We do not charge entrance free at our shows due to the fact that we’re trying to encourage our audience to develop a behavior pattern of enjoying and valuing the significance of theatre and hopefully at a later stage be able to spend money on theatre.
Should be interested, sign-up your performance  or find out when the next event will be contact Hloni Pitso on 0838809237 or email us on kwethu.arts@gmail.com.


We are moved by ART.  We use various mediums and disciplines within the arts to address key themes or issues within our community. South Africa with its historically, culturally and traditionally landscape, plus the underdeveloped economy make rise to a spectrum of issues that we explore through the application of various arts mediums such as film, theatre, photography, physical theatre, etc. 


HealthFirst, is a division within the organisation that focuses on prioritizing health issues within our communities in a creative and dynamic manner. Our current project focuses on Diabetes and Amputation.


We are aiming at creating a support group for people living with the pandemic and traumatic experience of amputation. These life changing experience can be intensely challenging to accept and be able to adjust to everyday living activities.

News and Updates

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 Art Corner Sunday

We are happy to announce the date for our next installation of this explosive project. It is the 23 June 2019 at the Joburg Theatre (Space.com). Do not miss the opportunity to share your art on a professional stage, contact Hloni Pitso at 083 880 9237 or email us at kwethu.arts@gmail.com.

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